English plays a very important role in the present time. It is a widely spoken language over the globe and It also becomes scientific and cultural language. EVERYONE who wants to succeed in the study should master English well since most of the reference books, journals, scientific conferences, and research reports are in English. It, therefore, bridges someone to be more knowledgeable and has more chances to grab his or her dream.

English became my reason, too, why I fought to search for a scholarship abroad. More than five times I applied for it both degree program and non-degree program. Such programs might be available in my home country, but choosing overseas countries enables me to broaden my insight because staying in a place where everything is different more challenging and training me to be more tolerant and adaptive with its people, culture, climate and so on. Besides, I preferred to choose a country where English is widely spoken since it would be more beneficial in my future. I thought when I did not perform well in a study, at least I could master English well.

Thanks to the Indian Government for granting me a master's degree scholarship. While pursuing my master's, I had been more exercised to practice English rather than previously since It is an official academic language and widely spoken as a second language over the country as found in commonwealth countries. Then, It made me following courses at ease, reading textbooks and journals, doing my assignments, delivering presentations and also being actively involved in a foreign student association namely FISA Mysore and the like.
English, also, led me to comprehend how Indian culture is and how Muslim’s life there is amidst multi-faiths atmosphere. And my unforgettable experience was how to interact with my friends from more than 40 countries particularly from Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

English bridged me to introduce Indonesia and Indonesian Muslim views to my Indian friends, particularly my hostel mates--almost 200 Indian students and three foreign students including me. We discussed a wide topic for sometimes like women's role in Indonesia, Islamic Jurisprudence of syafi’i school of thought and the most asked topic namely how Indonesian culture influenced by Hinduism or Buddhism adjusted with Islam.

One example, they were very curious about my name since no Islamic name belongs to me, Yosef Budiman. Once my lecturer asked me whether I am a Buddhist or a Muslim. I replied that I am Muslim. He was a little bit confused with my response because the name, according to Indians, is one of the ways to identify a religious belief directly. Most of them, unsurprisingly, use names according to their respective religions and beliefs.

Apart from that, my friends thought that Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country in the world not only in terms of population but also in cultural lives. They supposed to Indonesia as Middle East Countries where some Islamic law implemented or imparted in the constitution of the nation. The women used niqab or burqa and their roles in society are very limited since religious view barries.

When I explained reverse facts, they were highly surprised of how come the largest Muslim population country like this. I also explained that the people of Indonesia are multiple faiths. Sixth official religions can exist in harmonious life. Even Islam is a major religion, more than 85 % of the population, temples, Idols, churches and many ancient remains still exist to date.
It’s Indonesia’s Time. When a global perspective calls a new outlook toward a harmonious life pattern, I do believe that Indonesia can deliver this view globally. We can develop an Islamic peace teaching based upon the Indonesian perspective without neglecting the main concept of Islam which stipulated by the Qur’an and Hadeest and a majority of Muslim scholar views.

In the present context, the best way is using English as a medium of communication. Therefore, the more I master English well, the more I have a chance to deliver Islamic Indonesian value to the globe. What to do?, just improve your English soon.

By : Yosef Budiman, Economic Teacher of MAN 2 Bogor